Oct 22, 2022
Club Flyer

Walk for Fun, Fitness and Friendship with the Tarrant County Walkers.

We are a non-profit organization whose aim is to promote health and fitness through Volkssporting, a fun way to see new sights and meet new people. Volkssports include walking, biking, and swimming events. Click here to go to a Membership Application and Club Fact Sheet.

Most of our events are Volksmarches. Volksmarch is a German word for "Walk of the People". Our walks are on measured routes - 10K (6 miles) and 5K (3 miles) are the usual distances. We mark our walk routes with streamers or we provide written instructions and a map. 

There are two types of Volksmarches. Traditional events and YRE. Both event types are sanctioned under the American Volkssporting Association in the IVV and are eligible for credit toward Achievement Awards. 


This type of events has a start time that spans several hours, so it is unlikely you would get caught up in a crowd. You register, and immediately hit the trail. We encourage our walkers to set a comfortable pace for themselves and take time to enjoy their surroundings. There is no need to get side aches, shin splints, or produce buckets of sweat (unless you want to). Exercise can be a fun, social activity. Everyone who completes the course is a winner and hopefully they will have had "a walk to remember".


YREs are a different type of event. For them we have a host location such as a hotel or a convenience store that holds our "walk box". The YREs are listed in a book on line at the AVA website as well as the individual club's websites. To do a YRE you select a walk from the listing, go to the location given, request the walk box, fill out the waiver and registration, take a set of directions and complete the walk on your own. The advantage of this is you can walk any day of the week, any time of day. It is a great way to see a new town. 


Volksmarches are listed online on club web pages such as this one and on the AVA website. There are also paper flyers at Traditional Events. When you attend one event you pick up flyers for upcoming events.